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Our companies

Voices AI: Change your Voice

·Founded 2023·Mobile App

Voices AI is a cutting-edge voice generation platform, allowing users to craft voices of celebrities, iconic movie characters, and influential politicians. Beyond this, it offers a unique voice cloning feature, enabling users to replicate their own voice seamlessly. Additionally, the app boasts an AI-driven audio enhancement tool that refines and improves uploaded audio files. Since its launch, Voices AI has experienced a remarkable surge in user adoption and continues to witness exponential growth, positioning it as a promising investment in the audio-tech sector.

PeakJets - Private Jet Charter

·Founded 2023·Aviation

PeakJets is a premier private jet charter company offering on-demand luxury travel solutions globally. As a leader in the private aviation industry, PeakJets caters to the discerning traveler seeking unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and privacy. Our diverse fleet, ranging from turboprop to ultra long-range jets, enables us to accommodate a wide range of clients and destinations.

eywa AI

·Founded 2023·Mobile App

Eywa AI is a unique mobile app that offers AI-powered life coaching to help individuals navigate any life situation. Its advanced technology enables it to ask the right questions that lead users to the core of their problems, ultimately helping them find solutions. With Eywa AI, users can access personalized support and guidance, all at their fingertips. As the demand for accessible and effective mental health solutions continues to grow, Eywa AI is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the industry.


·Founded 2022·Mobile App

Track, improve and compete with Pacekeeper. This running app accurately monitors your position, pace, speed, and elevation in real-time, helping you analyze your data and improve your performance. Set new personal records and achieve your running aspirations with Pacekeeper's personalized training plans, customized to your individual fitness level, goals, and schedule.


·Founded 2022·Mobile App

Liztime is a time tracking platform designed to help you manage your time more efficiently. With its minimal and intuitive design, tracking your time has never been easier. Simply enter your current task and press start. With extensive statistics, Liztime shows you where and when your time was spent, how long tasks took, and helps you plan your time ahead.



·Founded 2012·Web Platform

Brainstr is a tutoring platform that provides students with access to a global network of responsible and proactive tutors from top universities and high schools. The platform emphasizes the benefits of peer-to-peer learning, where tutors who have personally overcome academic challenges inspire students to learn. Brainstr ensures the quality of all lessons by conducting interviews with tutors, checking grades, and taking feedback from their teachers.


Flight GPS Share

·Founded 2021·Mobile App

Flight GPS is the solution for Foreflight users who want to access the app's full capability. This platform, operated by an FAA-Licensed pilot, improves situational awareness, comfort, and control during flight. With Flight GPS, you can connect your cellular device, such as an iPhone, to your Foreflight account and automatically share your GPS location across devices.


AvFuel Converter

·Founded 2021·Mobile App

AvFuel Converter is the perfect solution for those tired of time-consuming fuel conversions and calculations for aircraft fueling. This app saves you time and money on fuel costs while improving flight efficiency. With AvFuel Converter, simply enter the current fuel in your tanks and how much you need, and the app will calculate everything immediately. The app supports 7 different fuel types with their specific gravity and 4 different units for fuel input.

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